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Cooperating terms

The L-craft Company is working succesfully with wholesale clients from different cities of Russia for 20 years.

In this page you will find the main terms and conditions of the company.

Minimum one-time purchase:

from 10 000 rubles taking into account all the discounts!

The size of the discount depending on the amount of a purchase for the calendar month:

The amount of the purchase or receipt of cash in month, rub.*

% discount

От 10 000


От 20 000


От 30 000


От 50 000


От 80 000


От 100 000


От 150 000


От 200 000


От 250 000


От 300 000


От 400 000


От 500 000


От 750 000


От 1 000 000


От 1 500 000


*Terms of discounts:

  • The discount depends on the actual amount of the purchase / amount of funds coming, for one calendar month.

  • Discount is cumulative within one calendar month and is attached to the client within 2 calendar months (1st month is the month in which accomplished the accumulation of volume discount; 2nd month – the month following the month of the accumulation volume discounts.)

  • In the case of overdue bill receivables for a period of more then 10 work days, accumulated volume discount will be cancelled.

Terms of Assembly and storage of reserves for finished goods

Assembling of the order is carried out only if it was submitted and verified by the client application in our website

Changes in reserves for finished goods, assembled in the fabric, are not allowed.

Storage of the order which was assembled, but not paid yet is permitted for a maximum of 10 working days from the date of final assembly.

In case of refusal of the assembled order, a new application will be accepted with 50% advance payment of the total amount of the order.

The payment must be done before shipment to 16:00. 

Registration on the website:

  • You can register in the website by your own.The terms of cooperation with companies from CIS countries: the L-Craft company works only with legal entities. The minimum price of an order is 30 000 rubles.


    If you are going to make your first order, we will need the following documents from you:


    From Legal entities:

    1.The certificate of state registration (PSRN)

    2. Taxpayer Identification Number;(TIN)

    3. Bank details

    4. The first two and last pages of the Charter


    From Individual entrepreneurs:


    1.The certificate on the state registration of businessman, carrying out their activity without forming a legal entity(PSRN)

    2.Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITN)

    3.Passport data.

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